Private Schools

You can also choose to enroll your child at an independent school (friskole) or private school where tuition is paid for by the parents.

Private Schools

The private schools may have a different conceptual framework, but from an academic point of view, children learn the same. In The Municipality of Silkeborg we have 5 private schools.

Boarding Schools

Some young people choose one or more years at a boarding school in the 8th, 9th or 10 classes. Continuation schools (efterskoler) are boarding schools where pupils reside, and they often have a number of additional activities within a specific interest such as for example sports, music or drama. Tuition and stay is paid for by the parents.

International Schools

There are a number of international schools in Denmark where teaching is carried out in a language other than Danish. Even though the teaching at these schools is carried out in a foreign language, non-Danish students typically receive supplemental instruction in Danish language and culture. Tuition is paid for by the parents.

You must contact the individual private school according to its enrolment procedure.

See a list of the different international schools at