School System

The organizational models for comulsory education in Denmark is a single structure education (primary and lower secondary education combined).

All children in Denmark are entitled to free tuition at a municipality school (Folkeskolen) from 6 to 17 years old. This includes a one-year, pre-school class followed by nine years of school and a tenth class which is optional.

Children automatically attend a municipal school in the area where the family lives. When the child comes closer to school age, the parents will receive a letter from the school stating when you should enrol the child at school and an offer to visit the school.

In Silkeborg Kommune we have 27 local municipality schools all of high educational standards. 85 % of all children attend a municipality school.

Special initiative for foreigners moving to Denmark

When children and young people from 6 to 17 years of age with a mother tongue other than Danish move to Silkeborg Municipality with their family, they are invited to a meeting at the Kompetencecenter for Integration (the Competence Centre for Integration). Here the family is introduced to the Danish school system and the child’s earlier schooling is clarified.

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