Basic Danish

School children moving to the municipality of Silkeborg / Denmark will be referred to an ‘international class’ in a school that offers basic teaching in Danish as a second language.

The international classes are taught by teachers with special education in Danish as a second language, and the classes consist of no more than 12 pupils at the start of the school year. Gradually when a pupil can benefit from teaching in ordinary Danish classes, some of the lessons / subjects are replaced by classes in an ordinary Danish class according to the pupils’ age.

The following schools have international classes for pupils in 0th to 7th grade: Sølystskolen, Kjellerup Skole and Fårvang Skole.

When the child is able to benefit from teaching in ordinary Danish classes the further education can continue at the local school or at one of the other municipality schools after the choice of the parents.

Young ones

Silkeborg Ungdomsskole (Youth School) has an international department for pupils who are 14 years old or more. The pupils receive all their teaching in the international classes and finish 9th  or 10th grade with the relevant examinations.

The pupils are taught together with other foreigners aged 18-20, who have just moved to Denmark.