Competence Centre Integration

The Competence Centre works within the area of integration and teaching of Danish as an additional language / second language. The Centre maintains the supervision and pedagogical development of these areas within primary/lower secondary schools and leisure-time care facilities at schools and in clubs.

The office gather knowledge and best practice, share knowledge and also produces new knowledge and practise. The office supports projects, research, and other initiatives that develops and strengthens linguistic, cultural and social integration in day care, municipality schools, and leisure time activities.

Together with the School Department the office forms the basis for decisions made by the Children and youth Committee on matters concerning integration and teaching Danish as an additional language.

The office is responsible for implementing the annual budget, the day-to-day service and development tasks formerly carried out by the School Department within the area of integration and Danish as an additional language in the municipality. The office is running a language stimulation programme for children age 3 to 6 in day care in the municipality.